Central Ohio Coon Hunters Association

                                                                    RULES FOR “CEASE FIRE” ON GUN RANGE  

  • This shooting range is one range with two backstops at different distances. All cease fires for any reason apply to the entire firing line
  • Hearing and Eye protection are recommended
  • Anybody can call a CEASE FIRE when an UNSAFE condition is recognized. Upon hearing the CEASE FIRE repeat the call and immediately make firearms safe and wait for further instructions
  • The range operates on a good neighbor basis, there are no safe shooting positions, when any shooter goes down range for any reason. The shooters must agree to a cease fire and follow all rules when any shooter goes down range for target maintenance etc.
  • During a cease fire, all firearms shall be unloaded, placed on a bench with actions open, and may not be handled for any reason. Do not go down range until all shooters have acknowledged the cease fire by announcing “clear”
  • When going to and from targets, be courteous to others by not wasting time
  • When returning to the bench, do not handle firearms until everyone is behind the firing line and all shooters have acknowledged “ready on the line”
  • All target material must be removed from the range before you leave. Type your paragraph here.